Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kristi Yamaguchi at Barnes & Noble

I found out Kristi Yamaguchi was going to be in Walnut Creek during one random day Alane took me shopping. She was signing her new children's book called "Dream Big, Little Pig." 

My day (March 19) was complicated. I went assuming I could just meet her without a book, but later on found out I wasn't allowed to meet her without a book. I found this out when it was my turn to meet her, and I had been in line for over an hour! Nobody told me! Soooo, after some debating, I purchased a book and got back in line. I did get to meet her, but it was very brief. She was only there to sign her book, and there were a lot of people, so you couldn't get much time with her. I really wanted her to sign my Oakland Ice Center shirt, because she use to skate there. Oh well, at least I got to meet her :)

I had prepared some goodies for Kristi.

I thought the signing started at 1, so I got there around 12:45. It really started at 2.

My stalker picture. I could've had a better picture, but I didn't want to lose my spot in line (which didn't matter later anyways -__-).

Kristi read her book to us before she signed. Why a pig you wonder? She had always liked pigs and her grandparents used to call her pig, and always told her to "dream big, little pig." 

Though our meeting was short, Kristi was impressed by my drawing. She said that her illustrator, Tim Bowers, had better watch out ;) I wanted to talk to her more, but all I was able to do was congratulate her on her book and everything she had accomplished so far, and that I used to take lessons at OIC. haha.

I've never met anyone famous before, and in the past two months, I've met two of my idols. And, oddly enough, I've met them on the 19th of both months. hmm, curious. I wonder who I'll meet next, and will I meet them on the 19th.

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