Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NATM: 65 & 66

February 16
Tuxedo Mask's famous rose and Valentinesy inspired nails.

China Glaze With Love
Zoya Purity

February 25
My favorite Miyazaki movie is Kiki's Delivery Service. Kiki is a character I'd like to cosplay as someday.

Essie Bikini So Teeny

Polish Count: 92

(Early 2013, I started Nails at the Moment, because I wasn't doing many crafty things, but I enjoyed painting my nails as a short and simple creative outlet. Now I've included another favorite pastime: drawing. This is my take on nail (&) art.)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life is Partly Cake

I had missed Cat's birthday last year, because she was in London and I was on my trip up the Northern coast. This year, we were both in town, so I wanted to follow tradition and make her a birthday cake. 

I had found some black fondant and decided to design Cat's cake around using it. Originally, I was going to be a bit ambitious and do fondant ruffles with gold edges, but decided that I didn't have enough experience with fondant to make that happen. To avoid a fondant mess, I simplified the design by going with a golden, painted look. I first drew out a crown-like design by googling crowns and tiaras. I wanted to also include a quote that would represent Cat's 26th year. I thought about it for awhile before I realized it's been staring at me -- the quote Cat had used in her coaster favors for her 22nd birthday was the perfect quote.

She's been liking red velvet lately, so the decision on what flavor cake to make was an easy one. I used these cute 6 inch pans that my cousin had gotten me for my birthday. No more baking in a rectangular pan and cutting circles out.

After the cakes had been baked and cooled, I trimmed the edges. Minimal cake waste :)

I fashioned a cake board from some cardboard and covered it with plastic wrap. I put a pat of cream cheese frosting on the board before placing the cake on top to help keep it in place.

Then I crumb-coated the two layer cake.

I put the cake in the freezer to help it chill faster. About 30 mins later, I added a generous layer of cream cheese frosting, and then got to kneading and rolling the fondant with my new rolling pin and pad set I had gotten from my Secret Santa.

And my goodness, was that a workout. Also, I clearly rolled out more than I needed.

Placing this sheet of fondant on my cake was so unpredictable. I had rolled it onto my rolling pin, and then placed it over the cake. I was trying to gently place it on, but it kinda just fell. I had to then quickly arrange it and smooth it out. I managed to get it fairly smooth, but not without some folds.

The next day, I used some of the leftover fondant and rolled out a ribbon type strip to be used to cover most of the imperfections at the bottom of the cake.

Kinda successful.

To make my gold paint, I mixed some gold luster dust into some vanilla extract. Originally, I was going to use some vodka, but didn't want to buy an entire bottle just to be used for cake painting. Vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol, and is fairly inexpensive. Why do I need the alcohol content? It's because it helps to adhere the paint with a quick dry time.

I used clean make-up and paint brushes to paint the rest of the details.

If I had a steamer, I would have been able to get the cake to look darker and  glossier, but this will have to do.

As a finishing touch, I dry dusted the cake with a bit of white luster dust and gold disco glitter.

Cat swung by later that night to pick up her gift and cake. I'm glad my surprises got to kick off your week-long birthday celebration!

And the next evening, her actual birthday, she celebrated with her family :)

Happy birthday, Catherine Mary Cay Del Rosario!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Playlist #3

I don't know why I started making playlists every year (and I don't know why I didn't make one last year). Basically, I don't even know why I'm writing. But I like this tradition.

1. Enchanted - Taylor Swift
2. Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
3. Look At Me - Carrie Underwood
4. Wanted - Hunter Hayes
5. I Saw a Light - The Band Perry
6. I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
7. Until You - Dave Barnes
8. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
9. Dancin' Away With My Heart - Lady Antebellum
10. Breathe - Backstreet Boys
11. What About Love - Lemar ft. JLS
12. So Close - Jon Mclaughlin
13. Don't Let Me Be Lonely - The Band Perry
14. Good in Goodbye - Carrie Underwood
15. It Ain't Pretty - Lady Antebellum
16. Shut Up Train - Little Big Town
17. All Too Well - Taylor Swift
18. Tiptoe Love - Hong Pei Yu

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


February 11

In honor of the Sochi Olympics, I wanted to draw something that was inspired by the games. My favorite sport is figure skating and I've always wanted to go skating outdoors. I googled some images and found these two and sort of put them together. 

Zoya Purity
China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla
Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me

Polish Count: 89

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NATM: 62 & 63

January 30
Zoya Avril
Revlon Sheer Blossom

February 4
So I've decided to try something different for the rest of my "nails at the moment" photos. I like to think of it as my take on "nail art." I am combining my favorite past times: nail painting and doodling. I don't draw as much as I'd like to nowadays, but since I paint my nails so often I thought it'd be fun to pair the two to encourage some more drawing. From now on I'll have an accompanying doodle every time I paint my nails.

I've been on this Sailor Moon site for the past couple of weeks checking on what goodies are coming out for the 20th anniversary. I have a couple of friends who are going to Japan in March, so I am making them a shopping list ;) Sailor Mercury is my favorite Sailor Soldier (Saturn is a close second). I was also Mercury for Halloween like 8 years ago. What I drew is actually part of the banner on the site. I kinda messed up on her mouth area, but oh well. I just really wanted to draw her hair.

Back to the nails:
Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous

View the drawing on my deviantart page.

Polish Count: 86