Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jen Going On 30

Cat "ordered" a cake from me for her cousin's birthday (this past Saturday, 5/21). After much discussion, from time capsules to Jacob's abs, we settled on something simple and meaningful.

I was inspired by one of i am baker's cakes.

[click picture to view her blog post]

Originally, I had planned to put an hourglass in the middle of the cake, because one idea Cat had was to make an hourglass cake. However, I didn't plan my red food coloring usage properly, so I ran out after making two layers. So I just kept it simple by making a colorless layer to make the cake taller, and cut each layer in half to create more layers. It made the inside more colorful too.

My crazy work station.

I was told to make the 30th large.

Cat sent me a bunch of quotes and inside jokes to decorate the cake with.

I should have written smaller

so things wouldn't look so crowded.

Jen likes grey

but pink is starting to grow on her.

 The following pictures are from Cat.

The birthday girl, Jen :)

mmm, cake.

Did I mention it was six layers?


Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 01: Yourself

I know I said I would have this done sometime last week, but I ended up with other projects to work on (will post those later).

I have tried drawing a self portrait before in class, but that did not turn out very well, so I was kinda hesitant to start this one. I was going to draw this without using an eraser, and then give a spiel about how you shouldn't erase what's natural.... but I couldn't shake my perfectionist habits. (I did keep the erasing down to a minimum though) It's still not perfect, but I think I captured my likeness, and I believe that's important when drawing a portrait.

For this challenge, I picked a candid photo. I wanted something that showed my personality, and I think this photo captured my calm (or boring) nature. It was taken by a friend while we were at Stinson Beach last summer. hmm, I wonder what I was thinking about.

Next challenge: favorite animal

Monday, May 16, 2011

Challenge Accepted

I rarely ever take part in these things, but I could use this as an excuse to draw. I've been in a creativity lull, so hopefully this could help relight the fire. lol.

I probably won't do it everyday, as the challenge suggests, but I will do at least one each week. This way I can spend more time on each, instead of rushing through each challenge every 24 hours. I just hope I don't get too lazy and give up.

Update on my projects:

Plushtography: waiting on the dang tags! Please subscribe in the meantime: www.plushtography.com

Mini projects:

Secret Santa present: Finished, and exchanged 
Chris: Drawing on his external harddrive (postponed)
Cat's present: Finished, and delivered...but forgot to take a picture
Cousin's birthday: Tiramisu and drawing
Nikki's birthday 4/20: Giant's cupcakes and NSYNC related cake. With Alane as my sous chef.

Sean's birthday 5/12: Snickerdoodles, and drawing (I will get on that... soon)
Liz: Cat plushies
Dad's birthday 5/29: Raiders ipod/phone cozy
Graduation gifts: Finish drawing I started last year. Baked goods.
My aunt: drawing of our cat

First of the 30 day challenge to come later on this week.

Yeno what would be kinda cool? If there was a craft bachelorette. Date would be determined by creativity. hahahaha, just a thought ;)