Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bakerella Book Signing in SF

I had missed my first chance to meet Bakerella (Angie Dudley) a few months ago when she was in Walnut Creek. Last Monday (two weeks before the signing), when I checked her blog, she had announced that she will be adding two more locations to her book tour, one of them being San Francisco! I was super excited that I got my second chance! So I quickly planned my trip via public transportation down to San Francisco.

Here's a little background info to get familiarized with Bakerella. She's an amateur baker, and does what she does just for the love of it. Bakerella fell in love with baking and decorating after having taken a cake decorating class. Soon after, she began to document her baking creations through her blog, Bakerella is known for her cake pops, which are basically cake on a stick.

I just love her creativity.

And she has the most creative friend. I love Cupcake Julie.

These are just a few pictures from Cupcake Julie's Christmas party. She made everything. I even told Bakerella that Cupcake Julie was everything I wanted to be.

(All the pictures above were from Bakerella's website, you can click them to view the posts)

I think you can see why I was so excited to meet Bakerella.

February 19th: My trip started at 11am, and, through the ugly rain, I got to the Chronicle Books Store around 1pm. It was a quaint, little store; I was too excited to remember to take pictures of the outside or inside.

Here was the window display. I need to learn to crochet, because those crocheted cake pops are really cute.

Aren't the cake pops cute?

The line to meet her wasn't too long, but while in line, I met a cute little girl who was also a fan of Bakerella. It surprised me that she was even using a computer at her age. She was super adorable and loved to bake too. I wish I could've taken her home... could've been best friends. lol.

Anywho. I made her a mini bouquet pink paper roses. I think she was in awe that I made them, because she kept staring at them. I had made a list of things I wanted to say to her the day I discovered she'd be in town, but when I get nervous, I start talking really fast. I was so starstrucked. Not exactly sure how I came off (probably like a blabbering idiot), but I said all that I wanted to say. I probably told her that she was a huge inspiration to me like four times in our conversation -____- 

My take home goodies. Adorable complimentary pins, and a really tasty salted chocolate caramel. This piece of caramel (not too sure who made them) is the best piece of candy I have ever tasted. One of the guys passing them out, when asked what they were made of, said, "I'm not sure, but I'm guessing sugar...salt...caramel ( you don't make caramel out of caramel... that would be tedious and redundant. Caramel's just made of heated sugar)," and the second guy adds, "and dreams." I think I'll believe the latter.

I told her that discovering her blog was probably the happiest day of my life. There's just something about being able to relate to other people who share the same love for creativity. I was in a starstruck kind of daze for the rest of the day.

Bakerella usually posts her pictures from every signing online, and I've been waiting for her to post them before I posted my blog bit, but she hadn't posted anything since Valentine's day. She posted an update today, and she's been in the hospital due to her failing, 18 year old transplanted kidney. According to her blog, she is okay, and is just waiting on a kidney match with her mom or another donor. It's strange to hear about something so serious happening to someone so positive. I really hope things will be okay, and that she'll be back to doing the things she loves real soon.

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