Sunday, June 23, 2013

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for Kayleigh

Cat asked me to make cupcakes for her niece's FIRST birthday. The theme for her birthday was "Couture Minnie Mouse". I knew I didn't want just one design for all the cupcakes, so I designed a few and had Cat choose her favorites.

Yellow with added food coloring, yellow plus red sprinkles, and chocolate were the cupcake flavors of choice.

I first started with the monogram "K" cupcakes. I designed the "K" by literally searching for "fancy fonts". I came across a really fancy "K" and a semi- fancy "K" and just sort of combined them. To make the little monogram piece, I chose to use pastillage (or gum paste). I kneaded and rolled the pastillage to the thickness I wanted and used an empty medicine bottle as my circle cutter and Food Writer markers to write the "K". Notice my little tester "C" in the middle hehe.

I didn't want the monogram to be just one color, so I incorporated the pink and polka dot theme into the "K". I thought it added a bit of youth to the design. It is for a one year old's birthday after all :)

 I just wished the tips of the markers were a bit finer. It was difficult controlling the thickness.

For some added whimsy, I used edible white luster dust and a clean eyeshadow brush (that kept shedding bristles like crazy. Argh.) and dusted the monogram circles. I felt like a fairy.

The luster dust gave the monograms more dimension and flair.

To make pink frosting, I added red food coloring to store-bought frosting.

A lot of drops of food coloring later...

With some white confetti sprinkles, also dusted with luster dust, the cupcakes were ready to be eaten! (At the party anyways.)

For the Minnie Mouse ears cupcakes, I made some chocolate ganache by using heavy whipping cream and chocolate chips.

I spread the ganache over the cupcakes and used chocolate candy melts as the ears.

The bow was the most difficult part. It was a great challenge to make them, but Minnie Mouse couldn't be without her bow! I cut bow shapes out of the pastillage using a hand made stencil and toothpick. It wasn't the best method, but it was the only way I could think of using the materials I had. After each bow was cut out, I would press them against my brush handle to let them harden in a more bow-like shape. I had to work fast, because pastillage hardens fairly quickly.

I drew on the bow details using the Food Writers.

Coloring wasn't my ideal way of going about this. I originally wanted to either dye the pastillage pink before molding them into bow shapes or paint them using food safe paint. Being that this was my first time attempting something like this, I wasn't as prepared as I should have been, so I just used what I had. The bows were also dusted with luster dust afterwards.

They still turned out to be pretty cute. I should have tried harder to smooth the edges though.

I had made other mini Minnie Mouse ears cupcakes too, but I completely forgot to take a picture of them -__-

The cupcakes set up on the dessert table that was designed and decorated by Cat.

The cute dessert table was filled with the cupcakes I had made and the chocolate dipped marshmallows, Minnie Mouse Oreos, rice krispies and brownies that Cat had made.

My cupcakes and I.

Cat and I with each other's creations. I'm very proud of all your work, Cat!

Kayleigh's custom ordered cake and party favors.

I was loving all the details.

Someone brought cute Minnie Mouse cake pops later on!

Little miss birthday girl in her custom made dress.

They hired a "Minnie Mouse" to be present at the party. She was also the clown that made balloon animals and did face paintings earlier, but don't tell the kids that ;)


And her bff Alane.

It's been awhile since we've had a photo together! Thompson 305 <3

Happy birthday, Kayleigh!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NATM: 26 & 27

June 7
Essie Cute as a Button layered over L'Oreal Tangerine Crush

June 16
Zoya Breezi

Polish Count: 38

Sunday, June 2, 2013

NATM: 24 & 25

May 23
Topshop Awol

June 1
Essie In The Cab-ana

Polish Count: 35