Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project Cho Chang: Tie

For the Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Pt. 1 premiere, Alane and I are going to dress up as Hermione and Cho!

The tie was the first of a few components to my costume to be completed. Cho Chang is in Ravenclaw, and this is the tie I needed. I couldn't find it online for a reasonable (well, reasonable to me) price, so of course I would take it into my own hands to make my own.

I found a five dollar tie from Wal-Mart.

And start my DIY striping.

I first put down two strips of tape, as if I were painting stripes on a wall.

Then paint a base coat using some old nail polish. This ensures a smoother second coat.

Outline the area with a silver gel pen, to ensure all the edges are covered.

Then apply the top coat using another old nail polish I had lying around. At this point I was really wishing I was working under a fumehood, because these fumes were making me nauseous. 

My favorite part of the process, removing the tape once the nail polish has dried.


Repeat process to make the second stripe right above the first.

Slowly, but surely.

By looking at my reference picture, I determined the measurements.

15mm between the thick and thin stripes.

Each of the thick stripes were 5mm wide.

And were 4mm apart.

The final result after a few days of working. I only striped half the tie, since you only see the front half (saving me a lot of work).

Tah-dah :D


  1. Your really good! My camp is having a Harry Potter day and I'm dressing up as Luna Lovegood. All I needed was the tie this was LOADS of help. Thx!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I desperately needed to get my a Ravenclaw tie for the HP exhibition in NYC that I was going to and I left mine at home (in another country. I wouldn't be able to mail it in on time.) The tutorial was extremely helpful and the tie came out great, minus a few personal errors I made. Ahuu~

  3. how has the nail polish held up since you first did this?

    1. Hi! It has definitely cracked since the first few uses. I wouldn't recommend using nail polish if you intend on using it longterm. Maybe you can try fabric paint instead. Let me know how it goes if you try to make your own :)