Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby DIVA, Jillian Elizcen, is Nine!

Last week Cat asked me to make a cake for her niece, Jill, who is turning 9 today. For inspiration, Jill lent me 18 of her favorite erasers out of the 128 that she owns. The 18 included: 2 hamsters, a pig, a panda, a donut, 2 cakes, cookies, mochi, teacups, dolphins, crabs, and angel fish. So much randomness... I picked the animals.

I piped the animals all around the cake. Excuse the poor lighting.

Mochi inspired top.

Jill loved it.

It was all red velvet, even the mocha looking center, which was just lacking the red food coloring (I ran out).

Her party was at a paint-your-own-ceramics place called "Color Me Mine." It was a lot of fun! I thought it was funny that out of the ten people who painted, only 4 were actually kids. We couldn't take them home yet, because they still have to glaze them, so I have to wait until Cat delivers mine to me.

Jill's biggest surprise of the day... A PUPPY!

Meet the giant hamster dog, Nala Cupcake Ramirez.


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