Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I've been wanting to make my dad some kind of iPod cozy. Not that he really needs one, but I just thought it would be cool and fun to make. Originally I had wanted to make him a Raider's one, but then the game mah jong crossed my mind.

My dad's Chinese name includes a character used on a mah jong tile, so I thought it would be cool to make that tile into an iPod cozy. Check out the mini tile, it's roughly 3/4 in. tall.

I bought green felt and red satin embroidery floss. I just learned about embroidery floss, and to think I've known how to embroider all along, but have been using regular sewing thread. Oh well, my motto has always been: do whatever works.

The beauty of embroidery floss is that the thread is thick so you don't have to double up like with sewing thread. However, the downside is that you have to separate the strands. So. Much. Tangling.

The outline itself looked pretty cool.

A few hours later.

 It's bit off center though. sigh.

I sewed the back and front together using the buttonhole stitch.

I also included some wallet sized photos, but failed to take a picture of the iPod cozy in use with an iPod.

I need to make myself one next.



I also did some surgery today. Mr. Froggy was missing an eye. I made him a new one by using white felt and black thread.

Eye surgery. I use to want to be an ophthalmologist.

Good as new.

Personally, I'd throw up if there were coins in my mouth.

Hmm, this post is very green, red and white.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Class of 2011

This week was filled with graduations everywhere. Congrats to you all! Yesterday, I attended my cousin's graduation in Davis.

Before her graduation, she had asked me to decorate her graduation cap :) I had so many options. Do I use rhinestones? Paint? Should glitter be involved? How about just the ears and bow?

I stuck with something simple: her face with a cute bow.

I drew out a template.

Made her face using some shiny scrapbooking paper.

Made her bow out of red fleece.

I didn't have red thread, but I figured if I sewed well enough, you shouldn't notice.

Nothing goes to waste. The scraps that were left over from cutting out the bow pieces were used to stuff the bow.

Used the embroidery method to sew the indentation in the bow.

Aw, it's cute already.

I didn't want to cut a hole in her head, but the tassel had to go somewhere.

lol, she looks funny. I just drew her eyes in with a pen and sharpie, and colored her nose with a gold gel pen and nail polish.

Time to sew the bow on her head.

I wanted to be done here, but she's kind of naked without her whiskers.

Took me awhile to think of a solution, but I managed to find some black yarn around my house. I wrapped the yarn around some pipe cleaners to make her whiskers.

And, done.

Hello Kitty in action. Can you spot it?

Hello Grad


Thursday, June 9, 2011

French Horn Cake

I know I've been lagging on my 30 day challenge... or what has now turned into a 30-drawings-to-do-whenever-I-have-time challenge. haha. I've been busy working on side projects which have piled up this week, because it is the last week of school for most people.

Aside from plushtography stuff, I've been working on graduation gifts.

My brother asked me to make a cake for his friend who wanted to surprise the graduating seniors. It just had to be the most complicated instrument.

So much tubing. 

I tried to make it as accurate as I could, but the tubes ended up being a little thin. sigh.

Congrats to the graduates everywhere!