Friday, October 15, 2010

Cabreeve & Crebeeve

My roommate throughout the four years of college was Ms. Catherine Mary Cay Del Rosario. I could not have asked for a better roommate. So many great memories. From Facebook freak-outs while we were supposedly studying to trips to Starbucks in our fluffy pink bathrobes (okay that only happened once.. and it was drive-thru), thanks for a wonderful four years.

During our last few days together as roommates, we agreed to give each other something from our own side of the room. I decided to give her a leaf. If you knew Cat, you would know she is not the biggest fan of nature, but her annual DCF retreats to the woods brought out the tree hugger in her, kinda. During two of those trips, she actually picked up giant leaves off the ground with her bare hands, and kept them for the rest of the trip to bring back to me. Since I have collected two from her, I decided to give one back so we can each have a leaf.

To ensure preservation, I framed it. 

Here is the frame, and if I were Phoebe's mom, I would say those were her birth parents Mindy and Sam celebrating after graduation.

I can't just place a lonely leaf in the frame, I should do something that would represent our college years. hmm.. lemme sketch something.

Inside jokes, nicknames, song lyrics, us enjoying tea. I didn't want to over-decorate, so I kept it to a minimum.

And after some meticulous writing and constant arranging and rearranging

Well, it's not quite done yet.

To cover some of the chips on the frame (it was on sale, and therefore not of the best quality), I added our nicknames. Cat has a tendency to call me weird names, most of which often strayed far from my real name.. Well the most recent one is "Crebeeve," which, I think, actually started as "Crebeebe." Oh well. I reciprocated and called her "Cabreeve."

Plan 1: Cover the letters by sewing on gold-ish fabric.

That did not work.

Plan 2: Use nail polish and paint the letters to desired color.

Better. Finally, I glue them onto the frame.

Now I drunkenly raise two champagne glasses and say "whoooooo... hoo" to many more memories, lov-er. :)