Friday, September 24, 2010

Opening ACORNS Time Capsule

We finally got together to open the time capsule today. It was disgusting, but we managed to get everything out of the capsule and sorted.

Here you can see our surveys about each other and some personal items (that all somehow broke). Alane's cotillion favor, my electronic diary thing, acorn cookie cutter, and Naomi's Winnie the Pooh phone hangy thing.

The other contents. Sean's phone, Ronnie's pencil, movie ticket, bart ticket, other senior year memorabilia. Oliver even wrote a letter to himself, but I forgot to take a picture of that. It's there in this picture, but you just can't read it.

We had also placed a picture of us in there. Look what happened to it.

I'm pretty sure this was what it should have looked like.

I really wanted to keep all my letters, but due to contamination, I had to throw them away. Sigh, I'm feeling the nostalgia. It's crazy how time flies.

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