Sunday, September 19, 2010

ACORNS frames

Four years ago, I wanted to give ACORNS a graduation present. That didn't happen. Soooo, four years later (in time to relocate and reopen the time capsule) I relocate those frames, and make pictures to put in them.

My card corrupted while I was trying to upload pictures, which forced me to reformat my card.. so sadly I don't have pictures of the frames or the lovely wrapping paper I used. The frames were basic 4in x 6in frames with a letter at the top. Of course I got "A," "C," "O," "R," "N," "S." and randomly a "G" .. I still don't know what to do with that one.. I don't have friends with names that start with a "G." Anyways, since I don't have pictures, I will just share the pictures that went in the frames.

Alane and I met in the office after we were both stung by bees back in the first grade, but we've known of each other since kindergarten.

Oliver. For some reason, my face has a tendency to "accidentally" meet his fist.

Ronnie is my little hermaphroditic sister. We like free stuff.

Naomi and I used to do cartwheels every Friday to relieve stress. (see bottom right corner)

Sean first "taught" me how to drive. We also have the same car.. ish.

I know, where's mine? I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I will most likely collage some of my favorite ACORNS pictures. However, there's no rush for me since I don't really have a room, and therefore, no place to display it.

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