Saturday, September 18, 2010

ACORNS time capsule

ACORNS buried a time capsule four years ago. It was filled with surveys about each person, personal items and other random things.

A few days ago, we go back to dig it up. We dig a massive hole, but still we couldn't find it.. I go back up a couple days later, and found that we were actually really close the other day. See the target bag peeking out?

So I just started to remove the dirt around it. At this point I was hoping I could just pull it out, but it was still too deep in the ground. The extraction was harder than I had anticipated it to be.

I just kept removing the dirt around the capsule with my bare hands, I mean stick. When I thought I had removed enough dirt around it, I tried pulling again, but it still didn't budge. So I just used my stick as a lever to push and lift it out.

Success. Almost. The roots wouldn't let go.


I forgot to mention that I had gone up a few months after we had first buried it to put the capsule into a bag so water wouldn't get into the capsule. I forgot I had even double bagged it.

After I removed both bags, I discover that the double bagging wasn't enough to prevent it from getting wet.

You can't see it in this picture, but there was condensation in the capsule, and because of the moisture, and to my disgust, mold had grown. I was so grossed out, and wishing I was in lab so I could identify the mold. We should have thrown a few of those silica packets in there. urgh. Well now we just need to find time to get together to open it. The sooner the better guys.

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