Saturday, September 27, 2014


I kept thinking Mason was turning two because I remembered I had made cupcakes for him last year. But then I remembered, that was for his baby shower.

This year, the theme for his birthday was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The plan was to decorate the regular sized cupcakes as the faces and shells of the turtles and to decorate the mini cupcakes as the sewer covers. I wanted to color the turtles in when I was sketching them, but I've been in stages of moving and I've some how misplaced my colored pencils...

A couple days before the party, I made the sewers using a large water bottle cap and white fondant.

I used a clean "M" stamp to stamp Ms in the middle of the sewers.

Using the back end of a beater, I imprinted holes all around the sewers.

They reminded me of Honeycomb cereal at this point.

Then I gave the sewers a couple of coats of silver glitter spray.

Glitter was everywhere.

The following day, I frosted the mini cupcakes with store-bought green frosting

and placed the sewers

right on top.

For the regular sized cupcakes, I made up some green velvet batter.

I really liked how green they turned out :) 

To the store-bought green frosting, I added a generous spoonful of creamcheese. I avoided adding too much, because I didn't want to over-lighten the color.

Using white frosting and food coloring, I mixed up all the colors I would need to frost the faces.

Cat had sent me this photo to use as a references. Aren't they adorable? And so perfect for a one year old's birthday!

The finished cupcakes :)

Here's how the set up looked at the party!

Happy birthday, Mason!

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