Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mason's Bay Area Sports Cupcakes

Cat's sister is having a baby boy soon, and they requested some San Francisco bay area sports themed cupcakes from me. With 24 cupcakes being the order and there being 3 teams, I split the 24 into 8 cupcakes per team. I'm not really a sports person, but I did some research and decided to make cupcakes with the logo, jerseys, and balls of each team.

After baking the funfetti cupcakes, I mixed up some frosting colors and began frosting the cupcakes. I stuck with a pastel tone not only because it was easier to get pastel colors with a white frosting base, but to also give it a more baby feel.

My tools. I made little frosting bags by rolling up some wax paper.

I meticulously hand-piped every cupcake. My method is a little tedious. I pipe frosting in a general shape and then reshape using a toothpick.

I've made Giants cupcakes before for Nikki. So this design wasn't anything new. This jersey was my favorite. I like the orange detail on the number.

The 49ers logo was the most difficult of the three. That SF was just difficult to get right.

The Warriors color combo was my favorite. Even if it is a little reminiscent of UCLA.

The cupcake liners are kinda fluffy, because I had doubled up on them to prevent the color of the liners from getting washed out by the cupcake itself.

They turned out to be pretty cute. Can't wait to meet you one day, Mason :)

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