Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Heart AC

Every time August rolls around I'm always thinking of what Mickey themed cake to make Alane for her birthday. Around this time, since Perry was leaving, there was a lot of talk about New York. Alane loves New York, so I designed a cake that was inspired by the state.

I wanted to experiment with making an ice cream cake this year. I had made an ice cream cake for Alane a couple years ago, but this time I wanted to try a different shape. Selecting the ice cream flavor was difficult. I was in the ice cream section of Target for way too long trying to make a decision. So. Many. Flavors. I even consulted Ronnie and Cat. In the end I chose one that was similar to Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack since it was one Alane had wanted to try it, but never got the chance to.

The cake flavor I chose was Alane's favorite, Funfetti.

The design I went with was inspired by the Mickey ear caps you'd see at Disneyland. 

I wanted the ice cream to be in the middle of the cake. So I cut out some cake to fit the ice cream.

I molded the ice cream using a small bowl. That also determined the size of the cavity I'd have to cut out of the cake.

While that ice cream dome was left to harden in the freezer, I made the ears out of fondant. I used a 1/2 cup measuring cup as my mold.

I was going to use skewers, but I had dry spaghetti noodles and just decided to use those to hold up the ears.

To make the ears black, I used a brush to wet the fondant with water, and then dusted the ears with black sugar glitter.

Back to the cake. I placed my ice cream surprise into the middle of the cake, and gave the cake a thin layer of frosting. Then the cake went back into the freezer to set overnight.

The next morning, I had wanted to give it a final frosting before going to work. However, the frosting I had made was too thin. So.... this happened :(

I had no choice, but to scrape it all off and place back into the freezer.

I was on schedule to deliver the cake on Alane's actual birthday, but because of this hiccup, I had to delay the delivery to the following day. So the next morning, I bought frosting and gave the cake a proper final frosting.

For the design, I used chocolate frosting.

Hello, New York skyline. Kinda.

I chose to include the Twin Towers, because it made the cake more visibly New York.

The cake looked a little plain, so I added black sugar glitter and gold sugar stars to liven it.

Happy birthday, Alane!

That picture reminded me of this one from 2005 (I think). hahah.


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