Sunday, August 31, 2014

BBQ and Brownies

Sean hosted another barbeque at Refugio park in mid-July. This year I wanted to make barebeque themed cupcakes.

I started by making the grills by melting and piping white chocolate. Then I sprayed them with silver food coloring.

Made my fingers very silvery. I was trying to get my hands in focus in this shot, but... that didn't work.

I frosted the cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and decorated them with black sprinkles and a bit of red sprinkles to imitate the charcoal and embers.

To make them actually look like a grill, I had to decide on what to "grill". I chose to "grill" burgers. I made the "burgers" by melting chocolate. To make them more burger-like, I piped yellow frosting to make "cheese" and red frosting to make ketchup smileys to make things more fun.


DOC//Hover Hands Crew


Perry made the big move to New York in early August. I wanted to make him "wanlass" baked good before he left, so I chose to make him a brownie cupcake since he likes brownies. I kept the design simple and gold with a little phrase that I thought suited the occasion.

I brought the leftover brownies to his farewell get together at Southern Pacific Brewing, and every time I'd offer someone a brownie they'd ask, "are these special brownies?" lol, who do you think I am??

It's still weird to think that if I wanted to see Perry, I'd now have to travel across the country to see him. O__O I miss you, buddy, and I hope I make the trek out to NY sometime!

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