Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kayleigh's Tutus and Tiaras Cupcakes

Cat's niece Kayleigh turned TWO this year! Can't believe it was already her second birthday! Feels like it was just yesterday that I was making her cupcakes for her first birthday. The theme for her birthday this year was "tutus and tiaras" and the color theme was pink and teal. The plan was to make a dozen regular sized cupcakes and any amount of mini cupcakes. I planned to put tiaras on the mini ones and little Kayleighs on the regular sized ones.

To make the tiaras, which in this case were more like crowns, I rolled out some fondant and used a knife to carefully cut and shape. I wanted the tiaras to be a bit curved, so I taped some wax paper to my tube of sugar pearls and attached the tiaras as I finished making them.

I bought a can of silver food coloring to color the crowns.

I made a very silvery, sparkly mess. Glitter was everywhere!

I let those set overnight. The next day after work, I made and frosted the cupcakes. For the mini cupcakes, which the tiaras were to sit on, I chose to frost with a sparkly teal frosting. In the future, I will curve the tiaras more so they'd stand up a bit better.

The larger cupcakes were frosted with a glittery pink frosting. I didn't like how pink it was, so I toned it down by adding some white frosting.

To make the little Kayleighs that would sit atop the cupcakes, I printed little faces and cut little bodies out of pink-checkered cardstock paper.

After they were frosted and assembled, I piped a little bow to tie everything together (pun intended). Alane helped with adding the sugar pearl.

A little Kayleigh army!

The cute little set up at the birthday party!

Happy SECOND birthday, Kayleigh!!

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