Sunday, May 18, 2014

And At Last I See The Light

I started this drawing last March (2013). Generally, I'll pick up an itch to draw when I'm feeling particularly inspired. Tangled had become one of my favorite Disney movies mainly because of the lantern scene. Rapunzel in the moment I chose to draw has a look of being blissfully content and hopeful, and, at the time, I felt I could relate.

The only time I had met Rapunzel was during the summer of 2012 at Hong Kong's Disneyland. I told her she was my favorite which made her very happy and we had a small conversation. Being so far from home, I can imagine she doesn't get many opportunities to chat.

March 2013. So began my drawing. My initial sketches were not promising... I was starting to think it was too ambitious.

April 2013. Eyes are my favorite features. It's when I get the eyes and the rest of the face mostly perfect, when I start to feel better about the rest of the drawing.

May/June 2013. Since this is my drawing, I changed up the flowers in her hair. I felt inclined to include a daisy since it's my favorite flower.

June 2013. After a few consecutive days of drawing, I’d set the drawing aside and revisit it every now and then.

July/September 2013. Which turned into more then than now.

The one year mark of this drawing was approaching, and I hadn't touched my drawing in nearly six months. So I told myself that I’d finish it by the end of April. Of course, I can't just force myself to do something.

April 2014. Until one day, I found myself in need of a distraction. I wanted something that would be both relaxing and satisfying, so I grabbed my sketchbook and continued my drawing. I really love how drawing can relax me.

I went back and forth on deciding whether to leave the background white or to color it in. Eventually, I felt that coloring in the background would enhance the lighter features of Rapunzel.

Now it’s May, and I can finally say that I've finished this drawing. I'm a huge perfectionist so I can still see flaws and I can nitpick for days, but nothing can be done about those now. Though, I'll have to say that it looks much more impressive in real life. My camera will not capture the colors properly!

All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you.

I really enjoyed working on this! (Even if it did take over a year to complete.)
Now.. what to draw next.

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