Saturday, October 5, 2013

Avenger Cupcakes Assemble

DOC has been planning on assembling as the Avengers since the premiere of the movie in the summer of last year. And now over a year later, we were able to for Jaime's birthday.

I had these cupcakes planned for our previously planned assembling which was also to celebrate Sean's birthday.

I designed the cupcakes by following these Mighty Mini Muggs.

I changed some of the features, and had to create my own Black Widow. The complimentary cupcakes were either logos or iconic weaponry.

I had very limited time to make these, because of a lot unplanned things that went on during my week, so I only made time to take one process shot and omitted the complimentary cupcakes. The cupcakes I made were from a box mix and they were vanilla cake with a chocolatey center.

Avenger cupcakes assemble! I arranged them in descending ages, which coincidentally landed Jaime right in the middle. These were kinda rushed and not my neatest work, but collectively, they look pretty cool. My favorite ones were The Hulk and Iron Man. My least favorite was Black Widow.

Birthday boy enjoyed them!

Happy birthday, Iron Man!

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