Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bags' Out of the Cat

After stumbling upon this little Upcycled Wipes Container craft, I realized what I can finally use my kitty for!

I bought this kitty tissue dispenser when I went to China two summers ago. I've tried placing both tissue and toilet paper in it, but they never dispensed nicely. So it's just been this cute little ball of fur on my desk for some time now.

Like most, I have a lot of plastic bags lying around. I carry reusable fabric bags nowadays for shopping, but use whatever plastic bags I accumulate as garbage bags. Now I have a way to organize them!

I followed the instructions given in this blog.

Fold your plastic bag in half.

Fold up the handle in the first bag.

And roll.

Add a second bag with handles overlapping the first bag, and continue rolling.

A bunch of bags later...

I placed my rolled up bags into my kitty tissue dispenser

and pulled the first bag handles through its paws.

It was a success!

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