Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Air Max Mickey

I wanted to make a little something to thank Phil for all the driving, the walking, and the wine-ing that took place during our Disneyland trip. I noticed that he liked the Mickey prints by the artist Jerrod Maruyama, so I decided to draw one that was inspired by Phil himself.

I randomly asked Phil what his favorite pair of shoes were, and he replied with either the Nike Air Jordan Grape V or the Nike Air Max Infrared 90. I went with the latter, because it was more Mickey-like, and I just preferred that design more. I chose the "hi" hat, because it was one of the ones he wore during our Disney trip. The challenging part of the design was deciding what Mickey was going to wear. I knew I wanted the shoes to stand out, so I went with a simple, casual outfit.

I drew the Mickey on an ~ 8x11in. sheet of 4 ply paper, because I wanted it to be as sturdy as a real print.

Apparently, the only picture I took of the finished pencil drawing was on my phone.

When I was satisfied with the drawing, I outlined Mickey using a pen and sharpie.

Looked pretty cool without color.

I colored Mickey using my Prismacolor colored pencils and chose to color him flat, because I wanted it to look more print-like.

Phil said his favorite colors were purple and teal. I chose teal to be the hoodie color, because I felt that it went with the outfit a bit more. The one thing that didn't make sense about the drawing is his left hand -- it inaccurately disappears into his pocket.. shhh.. it was the only pose that I felt suited the drawing.

I brought the drawing, along with my other little gifts, to Jaime's dinner party, and presented it there. Phil was thoroughly surprised :D

Thanks again, Phil!

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