Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nails at the Moment: 1 - 7

I'm going to start keeping track of what my nails look like throughout the year. This will not turn into a nail polish review blog. I just haven't gotten around to doing crafty things lately because of lack of time and space, but I enjoy painting my nails as a short and simple creative outlet. So to keep my blog alive, I'll be posting (probably weekly) photos of my nails. I do have some other projects planned! But I'm working on them slowly.

Just for my own knowledge: I started the year with Zoya Raven and OPI Rainbow Connection.
For my birthday I changed it to Zoya Kristen.
The week after I wore China Glaze Shower Together.
Then China Glaze With Love and Orly Red Carpet.

This was when I decided to start taking pictures:
January 20
Essie Marathin, Essie Stroke of Brilliance, some Forever 21 magenta microglitter, and Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me.

I couldn't really capture all the colors of the glitter with my lighting. It looked a lot nicer in real life.

January 27
Zoya Wednesday

I added some Forever 21 teal microglitter after a few days, but didn't get a chance to take a photo during the day when you'd actually be able to see the color.

February 1
Now to the present look: Orly Jealous, Much?

I like numbers so I'm also going to keep count of the number of nail polishes I use throughout the year.

Polish count: 13

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