Thursday, February 7, 2013


Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. It is also the inspiration for my name as it is close to my birthday. Because of these reasons, I like to combine Christmas and my birthday to make it a happier occasion. This time around, with it being my twentyfifth birthday celebration, I wanted to do something special. I've always wanted to play hostess and make a bunch of things in my own way. So I planned a small holiday/birthday party, and invited my closest friends to celebrate with me.

I haven't been able to craft in awhile, and this post is long overdue, but here is how I made my invitations.

First I got some scrapbooking paper in lilac

and a shimmery blue.
I measure and cut them into the size of card I wanted.

I also got some white glittery cardstock, and cut those into mini snowmen.

Now I'm ready for some assembly.

I like using nail polish for my crafts, because I have a lot of it and it dries fast.

Here I am making my snowmen some scarves. I gave it a slight slant and some fringe to make it more distinct.

The top row is the part that will go across the snowman's neck. The bottom row is the part that gets folded over once you wrap the scarf around.

Am I making coal?

Am I making shoes?

Now I start the detail assembly. I just realized I didn't show where the lilac sheet went. I glued the lilac piece to the back of this blue piece. It's the side the invite will be written on.

And I forgot to show I cut the snow out of the glittery white cardstock.

I glue the snowman on.

Give him a scarf.

Eyes? Very large eyes?

Ah, I'm making a snowpanda.

He needs some pupils.

I dot them on carefully with a toothpick.

He also needs a nose and buttons, because all snowmen have buttons.

I felt weird settling on "merry christinemas", because I didn't want to have my modesty award revoked, but it was the best way to describe my event.

I finish the invitation with some snow. 

My early birthday celebration on December 29th, 2012.
Thanks Cat for the tasty Edible Arrangements!

Group photo courtesy of Kevin.

It was a great way to start my twentyfifth year :)

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