Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mickey Adrian

For Alane's early twentyfourth birthday celebration, I decided to make a cake that combined her two loves: Mickey and Nathan Adrian.

The idea of combining Mickey and Nathan didn't occur to me until I was already working on the cake the day of her dinner (super last minute). As the cake was baking, I whipped up a quick sketch using a few online images.

I thought I took more pictures, but I guess I was too pressed for time to remember. I split the funfetti cake mix into an 8in round cake pan and 8 cupcakes. Here's how I decorated the cupcakes:

Mickey Olympics rings.

I trimmed the 8in cake down to about 6.25in before frosting it. Why? Because the tupperware I used for the ice cream layer was about that size. Oh, yeah. Did I mention this was an ice cream cake? The mint chip ice cream (from Trader Joes) layer was a little complicated and messy, so I have no pictures.


I was about to use all the ice cream for the layer, but it was so good, I had to save a bit for myself.

There was a lot of running back and forth from the freezer to the table during this process. I first rushed the icing of Mickey Adrian and birthday message, and then swapped that layer with the ice cream layer in the freezer. I forced the ice cream layer out of the tupperware, and threw it back into the freezer to reharden for a few moments. Finally, while still in my pjs and Cat already over to pick me up and trying to talk to me about China, I place the cake layer on top of the ice cream layer and do a final frosting.

I didn't have time to give him a gold medal :(

With the exception of a cupcake casualty, the Olympic themed birthday goodies made it to Alane's house perfectly


We always have an unprepared picture.

At Mallard.

Girl, you're twentyfour!

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