Sunday, April 15, 2012

Legend of Korra Shirt

Kevin sacrificed going to the Community panel to get me a Korra shirt and poster at Comic Con last summer. The shirt was HUGE. It's a large, but looked more like extra, extra large on me. Because it was so big, I knew I wasn't ever going to wear it. Well, now that The Legend of Korra was finally premiering, I decided it was time to reduce my shirt to a wearable size.

I don't have pictures of all my steps, because I didn't have any methodical way of doing this.

I chose a woot shirt to use as a template.

Here I'm resizing the sleeve. Afterwards, I realized I should have cut the sleeve from the side that already had a seam instead of the opposite end which created two seams... dumb.

I hand-stitched everything but the neckline using a backstitch. It would have been more efficient if I had a sewing machine.

My favorite part was sewing the neckline. I kept the neckline from the original shirt which made things a lot easier.

I used a slipstitch to sew the hem of the neckline. I was so happy with how clean it looked, but later when I tried it on I realized there wasn't much give. As a result, the seam ripped a bit when I pulled it over my head. Sigh.

Finished sewing the front part of the neckline and the sides of the shirt. 

Next I finished the rest of the neckline, sewed the shoulders together, and attached the sleeves which were the most difficult pieces to sew.

A bunch of hours and one battle wound later.

My smaller, not perfect, but better fitting shirt. It ended up a bit crooked and smaller than I had wanted it. But it was still a pretty good effort considering I was guessing most of the time and my work area was the edge of my bed.

Luckily the crookedness wasn't noticeable when I was wearing it.

We watched the premiere of The Legend of Korra at Ray's apartment's private theater. Yes, we are that fancy. Afterwards, we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. My first time! I didn't take many pictures, because I forgot to charge my camera beforehand, but here are a few. No cherry blossoms though. Whoopsies.

Washi-Ningyo: Japanese Paper Dolls
I would enjoy taking this workshop.

Origami Exhibit and Demonstration
Wall - E!

Ikebana Exhibit
Art of flower arrangement. I would enjoy this class too.

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