Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cheese, Please.

While daydreaming, I thought of a cheesy camera related idea for Valentine's day (I think Plushtography is finally getting to me). And it begins with... Chanel No. 5? 

Crazy advertisement. Not that I would ever buy it, but it was just too nice to be tossed. So like a pack-rat, I kept it.

So here is my idea. I have a very scattered sketch in my work notebook, but here it is organized.

Confused? Don't fret. It will make sense later.

Luckily I remembered I kept the Chanel advertisement, because I didn't have any other black paper. I first drew the [Plushtography] camera to scale on scrap paper before tracing it onto the black cardboard.

Then, carefully, cut.

This camera has four layers. Above was layer one. Below will be layer two. I am tracing layer one onto white cardboard.

Layer two has the heart silhouette in the center on the lens.

I spy..

Grant Imahara <3

Another project (to be blogged later).

Layer three was a little complicated, but it's the layer that has the shutter release button, or what I will call "switch." It's really more of a switch in this sense anyways.

The "switch".

With layer four, I had two options. Make a solid backing, and make the switch red. Or cut an opening to allow other color options. I went with the latter.

I got too lazy to cut another heart out, but a square is good enough.

Also added a little knob to make the switch easier to push down and up.



Now why did I choose option two? I could have very easily changed the design to make the heart appear once I push the shutter button (which was my original idea), but for the purpose and meaning of this project, I chose to leave the back open.

(Photos were amateur-ly edited by me using Paint and some default Windows' photo editor).

Left the back open to actually "capture" my heart. Oh, the cheesiness.

Happy Valentine's Day!