Sunday, February 26, 2012

Roses for my Valentines

Kevin had the idea to make roses for Liz. As I helped him, I made a few for my friends. Using references from different blogs, I came up with some random petal templates. The inner pieces are small and they get bigger as you move away from the inner bud.

I probably shouldn't have used white as the example flower, but it was the one I was working on during the day when the lighting is a bit better. Above are the sets of petals just after cutting them, and below are the sets of petals after I curled them with the skewer.

First layer: the bud. Each layer was wrapped around the skewer with tape.

Second layer.

Third layer.

Fourth layer.

Fifth layer.

The stems were wrapped with floral tape.

I also cut the ends an angle as you would with a real flower. With real flowers, the angle gives the stem more surface area for water transport. Capillary action! Right?

Here are some of the roses I made for my friends.

My personal favorites were the yellow ones.

Though the red ones looked pretty real.

I like flowers. And yes, that is a spool of thread.

The red roses were mailed across the country to Shaina and Naomi in West Virginia and New York.

The white roses didn't go quite as far. They were personally delivered to Flora and Cat.

The yellow roses, addressed from President Snow (The Hunger Games reference), were also personally delivered to Nikki and Alane right here in Pinole.

kidrobot tissue paper for Jackie's rose.

I felt like a florist these past two weeks. I wish I had a picture of all my roses together, but they were all made and delivered at different times. It would have been a colorful bunch!

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