Monday, May 16, 2011

Challenge Accepted

I rarely ever take part in these things, but I could use this as an excuse to draw. I've been in a creativity lull, so hopefully this could help relight the fire. lol.

I probably won't do it everyday, as the challenge suggests, but I will do at least one each week. This way I can spend more time on each, instead of rushing through each challenge every 24 hours. I just hope I don't get too lazy and give up.

Update on my projects:

Plushtography: waiting on the dang tags! Please subscribe in the meantime:

Mini projects:

Secret Santa present: Finished, and exchanged 
Chris: Drawing on his external harddrive (postponed)
Cat's present: Finished, and delivered...but forgot to take a picture
Cousin's birthday: Tiramisu and drawing
Nikki's birthday 4/20: Giant's cupcakes and NSYNC related cake. With Alane as my sous chef.

Sean's birthday 5/12: Snickerdoodles, and drawing (I will get on that... soon)
Liz: Cat plushies
Dad's birthday 5/29: Raiders ipod/phone cozy
Graduation gifts: Finish drawing I started last year. Baked goods.
My aunt: drawing of our cat

First of the 30 day challenge to come later on this week.

Yeno what would be kinda cool? If there was a craft bachelorette. Date would be determined by creativity. hahahaha, just a thought ;)

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