Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Roses

My Valentines goodies for this year. I wish I had more people to deliver to, but nobody is really around here in Pinole. So this year, I just made valentines for my la(i)nes, Alane and Elaine.

What's hotter than Victoria's Secret's undergarments? (aside from my ladies of course ;) ) I had a VS catalog lying around, and thought that the bright colored pages would make cute roses.

I started with a colorful page

Placed my template over the part I wanted

and cut into many squares.

Then I folded the squares into roses.

I don't like things going to waste. With my left over pages, pipe cleaners from Kevin, and glue, I made the stems.

I put glue on strips of paper and wrapped them around the pipe cleaners. Once dried, I painted them brown (I didn't have green, so I had to settle for brown stems), and cut them in half. It was a very messy process. 

I attached the stems to the roses

arranged a mini bouquet

And added tissue paper and ribbon.

and cookies

Happy Valentine's!

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