Monday, February 7, 2011


Long overdue post to go with a long overdue graduation gift for Alane. Well, not that long overdue, I showed it to her before we left Davis, just finally had the chance to give it to her. I had this written before Christmastime... but I totally forgot to post after I gave it to her.

Like Cat, I also made Alane a slideshow of the past sixteen years we've known each other.

So here's how we met from my point of view.

When we were in the first grade back at Collins, there was a bee hive on our field. I crossed this field everyday to get to school.

One day, as I was crossing the field, a bunch of bees swarmed around me.

I was so scared. I ran across the field, with my arms flailing around my head trying to get rid of the bees.

I got to my classroom crying. My teacher, Mrs. Hirtle, asked me what happened, and I told her I had been stung by bees. She said they were probably yellow jackets, to which I responded with, "but I'm not wearing a yellow jacket." Silly me. She sends me to the office where I ended up sitting next to girl who was also stung by bees.

I remembered Alane and her mom tried to console me, because I was crying. I didn't stop crying for awhile though. I also remembered I was wearing a pink jacket, purple corduroy pants and carried a seafoamy green Aladdin backpack. I could be combining memories, but I'm pretty sure this was what happened.

Love you, Alawnikins.

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