Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas 2009

For nearly an entire year, I forgot to take pictures of what I made for Shaina's birthday/Christmas last year. Well, since we're not in Davis anymore, I had Shaina send me pictures she took with her camera. She loves Snoopy. It was perfect that I was able to find a Christmas Snoopy. There are little Christmas lights that light up while it dances to music when you press his foot. Look at him go.

No birthday is complete without a cake :) Well I tried to make her a Snoopy on top of his cake house. Didn't work like I had wanted it to. Red is a hard color to get when you're using white frosting. I remember using up my red bottle of food coloring and some of Cristina's. The Snoopy was made by melting white chocolate, and the cupcakes were decorated by Cristina.

To add to this Snoopy overload, I burned her a copy of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" CD. I had to add my own touch to it, so I drew a little Christmasy picture of Snoopy and Woodstock.

Wait, there's still more. I made my own CD sleeve inspired by the new Norah Jones CD, "The Fall," I had gotten around that time.

Complete with a song list, including a bonus song that was Shaina's favorite from the movie "The Polar Express." I made this by using some cardboard from some cereal box (I think). The CD is inserted on the right side. And no, I didn't trace. I don't believe in tracing.

I've been in a very Christmasy mood :)
Happy birthday again, Shaina!

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