Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project Cho Chang: Skirt

Time to get my costume together. Here is my trusty sewing guide. I got it at the library like four or five years ago. It's one of those books people donate, and the library sells for.. well, as you can see, $1.00. Also, if you can't tell, this book is from the late '70s. So the styles in there are all high waisted pants, ruffled blouses, ascots, and elastic waistbands. Cute.

I first work on the skirt. I've had this one long skirt that my grandma made a long time ago. Well I cut about four inches off. I don't have a picture of the original, because I actually started this project maybe two years ago. I picked it up again recently for the purpose of Harry Potter :)

After cutting the skirt to the length I wanted, I had to hem the raw edges. First step is tacking by basting. I folded the raw edge up about three quarters of an inch and used a general stitching method (basting) and sewed about an eighth of an inch from the bottom to secure it temporarily (tacking). I used pink thread, because it's easy to see.

Next step was to begin the hem. To hide the raw edge, I fold it down about an eighth of an inch, and did a backstitch.

To secure this hem, I sew it to the skirt by using a slipstitch.

After sewing all around the skirt, I remove the pink thread.

Skirt? Check.

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