Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! I didn't really dress up today, I just threw on my default costume, Cho Chang/asian girl from Ravenclaw, and went to work.

Last week (I think) Perry asked me to help him with his Halloween costume. With help from Dawn, he decided to be the Staples Easy button. I agreed to help, because how hard could an easy button be? Well, it wasn't that easy.

To start, I first researched a picture.

That was easy.

(I haven't charged my camera in awhile... so I have no idea where my charger is. I had to settle with using my phone. It was also nighttime, and I have terrible lighting around my work space.)

I had all the material from Plushtography. Lots of scrap material. Benson cut the circle from red fleece. His scissors weren't sharp, so I fixed it.

I drew out "easy" to scale.

Traced the letters onto leftover stabilizer.

Cut the stabilizer letters out.

Pinned to and cut out of leftover white felt.

Glued onto circle.

Simple (suggestive) costume.

Me: How was the party?
Perry: People kept punching me.


  1. Hehe, I'm happy my suggestion made it into a completed and successful project! So funny.