Friday, December 24, 2010

Perry Christmas!

This was suppose to be for his birthday, but I got bored, so I made it early.

I was inspired by this papercut by papercutsbyjoe and one of Perry's pictures.

First I drew it out in my sketchbook. He needed his lower half, so I made it up.

I didn't have black paper, so I just colored the drawing in. First I outlined the drawing with a black pen.

Colored with black sharpies.

And cut the drawing out with my new, very sharp, dollar store knives.

Now what to do with this Perry shaped hole in my sketch book..

Of course Urban Outfitters again. Kinda looks like something Perry would do and wear.

Now it's not so empty.

Kay, back to Perry's present. First I attempted to draw his sunset.. but it ended up looking like unicorn barf.

So I just kept it simple instead.

I added paper in the back just for this picture. I was trying to take a picture with no background, but I couldn't get a straight shot without getting my reflection in it. So this will have to do.

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