Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dave the Snowman

To make my room just a little more festive, I decided to decorate my t.v. space.

After clearing a bunch stuff, it was ridiculous how much stuff I was able to put there without blocking my view of the t.v., I added some "snow." It's so fluffy!

Then a mini Christmas tree complete with a paper star I folded and painted with gold-ish nail polish and a little snowman I made from a bunch scrap felt about ten years ago. 

Add a few tacky snowflakes to complete my mini(malist) winter wonderland.

Meet Dave the snowman. I just decided to name him Dave like five minutes ago, because I've been listening to Dave Barnes (thanks to Perry), and Dave is also the name of the cute (to me) guitarist in Lady Antebellum.

And so begins the mini photoshoot.

Me trying to provide a white background. And yes, I am watching Tyler Florence, he was making gnocchi.

Some of the photos after taking it to HP Photosmart Premiere, the default photo editor for HP computers, and Paint.

Dave the snowman and I wish you a happy December.

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