Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gabriella's First Birthday

Audrey, being the lovely godmother she is, wanted some custom Minnie Mouse cupcakes for her goddaughter's first birthday. We threw some ideas around and came up with these. The designs are similar to the ones I made for Cat's niece last year.

I prepped most of the decorations a couple of days before baking to save some time. However, silly me forgot to bring my camera, and my phone had run out of battery.. so I have zero photos of the process. -___-

I will just explain what I did. First I rolled out a bit of white fondant and used a small butterfly cookie cutter to make the bows. To make them look more bow like, I increased the space between the "wings" by cutting a bit of the fondant out. Then I laid the bows on some straws to dry and to give them more shape.

Using Foodwriters and candy melts, I made the little monogram pieces that will go on top of the mini cupcakes.

To make the "1" pieces, I melted the pink candy melts

and piped them onto wax paper. I only needed 12, but made more to have options. Then I got carried away since there was extra and made some decorations for the extra cupcakes.

The day before Audrey was going to pick up the cupcakes, I baked the cupcakes and finished the decorating.

Mmm, pink frosting on vanilla cupcakes baked with pink sprinkles.

Dark brown candy melts for the ears.

I added bow details using the Foodwriters.

Then the final touch! Sugar pearls to mimic Minnie's iconic polka dots.

To decorate the mini red velvet cupcakes, I started with frosting them with cream cheese frosting.

Also, I forgot to mention that I had dusted pretty much everything with some edible pearl luster dust. Things just look nicer with a little added shine.

Some extra cupcakes for Audrey :)

Cupcakes done and ready for pick up!

Audrey sent me some photos from the party. Here's one of the set up!

Happy birthday, Gabriella!

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