Monday, March 2, 2015


I've been meaning to draw Jackie something ever since she (along with Sunny and JJ) got me a massive set of colored pencils (200+!). I did start a picture of Penny awhile ago, but I didn't like where it was going so I stopped. Now for her 26th birthday, I decided to make another attempt to draw her furbabies for her :)

Searching through Jackie's instagram (@pennyandkeebz), I found two pictures I liked:

But the one of them sitting and looking up was too cute to pass up. Look at how attentive they are!

I started with a rough sketch to get an idea of the proportions. Looks promising....

Then I went in and outlined some of the details.

I started with Kiba first, mostly because I'm right-handed and didn't want to smudge Penny when she was all colored in. Also, Kiba has more color and details and looked more fun to draw first.

Kiba done :) Penny was a little more difficult, because her coat is a lot lighter and was less defined.

While I was working on it, I thought of also making a shiba doge meme birthday card, to go with the drawing, but then I just decided to combine the two ideas.

I was aiming to have this done by her birthday (2/3), but it turned out to be a little too ambitious for that since I started late in January. So I said, I'll just mail it for Valentine's day! But life happened.

I finished the drawing the weekend we celebrated Lunar new year, so I was able to give Jackie her gift in person.

Happy birthday, Jackie! Ruv you <3

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