Monday, November 29, 2010


There are people who make it known that they're sick. They openly ask to be helped, because they know there are always helpers to help them.
When the helpers become sick, they only help themselves. They know how to make themselves better. There is no need to make it known that you're sick, let alone ask for help.
Yet, only their heart is left hurting; and who could fix that?

It's been interesting (and stressful) living with my aunt and cousin. Being in the loft, I hear every conversation. The above is a rough translation of my own understanding of what I heard from my aunt today. It was in reference to my cousin being under the weather. Their way of thinking has been heavily influenced by the Chinese culture. In the above paragraph, replace the words "people" with "men" and "helpers" with "women," and you can gain some insight. 

My aunt and cousin first moved in about five months ago, and since then I have noticed that they seem to think men have more authority over women. At first I thought my cousin was spoiled, but as the months went by, I still think he's spoiled, but it also became more apparent that he was just acting as if he were the boss. You see, his dad (my uncle), is basically the boss of not only his company, but also his family. So my cousin only knows how to be the boss. It also doesn't help that his main example of a woman is his mom. Any direction he gives to his mom, "Mom, do this. Mom, you can't do this. Mom, be useful," she complies to. Any direction she gives to him turns into an argument complete with flying objects from the former, and is ultimately carried out by his defeated mom.

Whether they think their actions can really justified by their gender is beyond me. This is just my opinion based on observation and many readings of Amy Tan novels.

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